Welcome New Riders

STEP 1 - Create a profile

In order to reserve a class, you need to create a profile.

Please indicate the following for the b.cycle courses:

Shoe size:  Cycling shoes are provided and will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Gender (M/F): This will indicate your color on the b.tracker. Woman are pink and men are blue.

Performance: If you would like to hide your performance metrics please click on the box that says "Hide my info on ALL studio performance leader boards"


Step 2 - Book your first ride


b.cycle click here


b.body click here 


Step 3 - Your first class

Hydrate: We supply filtered water to fill up your water bottles.

What to wear: t-shirt or tank top and tights or shorts. We supply the towels.

Bike setup: You are in good hands. We recommend that you show up 20-30 minutes before the class so that we can fit you on the bike and answer any questions you may have.

Shoes: We provide the shoes for the b.cycle courses. Please put on your shoes only once you are in the b.cycle room. The b.body courses are done bare foot.

Lockers : No need to bring a lock, our lockers are equipped with digital locks.

Parking: Click here for parking info.


If you have any other questions shoot us an email at info@bcyclespin.com